Psychiatric Evaluation - Evaluations of children and adolescents are done over 2 appointments that are 50 minutes each.  The first appointment is for parents to come in and allows for an honest and open discussion of the issues their child is facing.  The second appointment is for both the parents the child, at which time she meets with the child individually, then she, the parents and the child meet to discuss treatment recommendations.  This also allows time for both parents and patients to ask questions.  The 2 appointments allow Dr. Hanna to learn who each patient is and to develop an understanding of what has been happening in his/her life.


Therapy-Supportive therapy is a part of her medication management plan, but most patients are in need of individual and/or family therapy. Dr Hanna will work hard to help them connect with a therapist with whom they will likely feel comfortable.  Dr. Hanna has been fortunate enough to develop a relationship with many therapists in the area.


Family/Parent Meetings-Sometimes these meetings are helpful to ensure that all questions are answered, or to address recurrent issues which affect everyone in the family.


Medication Management-These appointments tend to be 25 minutes in length, allowing Dr. Hanna to find out what has been happening and to make adjustments in medication as indicated.  Longer appointments are offered if indicated or requested.


School Meetings-Dr. Hanna does attend school meetings and planning meetings, if requested, as her schedule allows.


Professional/Parent Presentations-Dr. Hanna will happily do educational presentations for your group.  She has done presentations on topics such psychotropic medications, depression, anxiety disorders and bipolar disorders.  She will gladly talk with you further about possible topics and work with you to tailor her presentation to your needs.  Dr Hanna has done teacher, therapists and nursing in-services.


Phone Sessions-While phone sessions are not encouraged, they can made be available when indicated for established, stable patients who, for circumstances beyond their control, are unable to come in for a scheduled office appointment.



Compassionate Attention,

Respectful Empathy